Style-file: Festival chic

Hello lovelies,
I'm sorry for the lack of updates. But because of all those school stuff I had to do and the sun finally visiting Holland (he already left again), I didn't have much time to make a new post.
So to make it up with you guys, here a new style-file. I love festivals and the whole vibe they have with them, from music, to the colours and the clothes festivals rock them all!
So get inspired with this new Style-file: Festival Chic for less...
(All items are from Topshop)
1. Paint Flower Side Drop Vest - 32.00£
2. Sand Suede Pleat Shorts - 65.00£
3. Mixed Bracelet Set - 8.00£
4. Canvas & Leather Rucksack - 65.00£
5. Hutch Plaited Tbar Sandals - 25.00£

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Bienvenue, Welcome, Bienvenida, Willkommen

Recently I moved in to my own apartment. So I'm always looking for interior design pics that inspire me.
Luckily we have the Selby, who invited us in to the apartments of Erin & Julia (and many, many more)

All pics are from the Selby

Welcome in Manhattan with Erin & Julia

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