My weekly addiction #1

Last friday, my brother told me about a 'new' tv show he discovered.
Actually, it's not quite new. In America the first season has already ended, but as I am living in Holland I've never seen it before. So I spend this weekend watching it [with my laptop in the garden, so i could also work on my tan. Yes, I'm a star in multi-tasking]. The show is about a group twenty-somethings trying to make it in America. And I'm definetly hooked. How to make it in America is my new favorite program!

ps. You have to check out the 'how to make it in america-mixtape', its great! [just google it and you'll find it ;-) ]


Linda-Mari said...

I love this show!!

Lex said...

Your brother is awesome!

Anonymous said...

love the photos!
love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing, darling!


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